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By : Nikon School Blog   |  27 May, 2016  |  288

Have you ever read the user manual that came with your new D-SLR camera? While no is the answer to this question from many people, some are very surprised to even hear about the manual. In the excitement of trying out a newly purchased camera, the humble user manual is often put inside the box and then forgotten.

It is quite natural to want to head to an exotic location to try out a newly purchased D-SLR and accessories. However, if you set some time apart to know your equipment, you can avoid mistakes that can arise out of not knowing your equipment well enough.

No one makes you understand your equipment better than the user manual. That is what it is designed to do. You must read the user manual carefully before attempting to shoot something important with your new equipment. Most photography trainers will advice reading the user manual or even carrying it with you for troubleshooting on the move. Reading the user manual thoroughly helps you understand the probable reasons for your equipment not working the way you expect it to.

Many people are put off by the plain appearance of the manual, but remember the manufacturer has created it as a helpful guide, not as a book with attractive graphics.

Nowadays soft copies are provided with all equipment, making it very easy to carry more than one manual on your phone.

Of course, cameras today are loaded with features and that makes the manual quite lengthy too. The solution is to start with a few chapters at a time, and practice with the camera as you read. Though you may feel tempted to skip unimportant chapters and read the more interesting parts, it is important to read the whole manual in the right order at least once or twice to give you a good idea about where to find the right information when you need it. You may also find out new or lesser known things about your new equipment.

Mark the pages that you find most useful. The index is very useful, always go for the index when looking for specific information about a topic.

Even after you've gown used to your equipment, keep reading the manual from time to time. Regular reading of the short hints and articles along with practice with the camera will give you the confidence and troubleshooting skills before going out for important shoots.

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At times its very hand to clear any doubts and understanding the features

Mr. Pratik Dubey

interesting article

Ms. Ritisha Jain

Very helpful was not knowing the real importance of the manual. Will make sure that i read the manul whenver i will buy a new product.

Mr. Amitava Paira


Mr. Amitava Paira

Its very useful

Mr. Amitava Paira

New user should read the user manual

Mr. Amitava Paira

Yes, I read user manual as I'm not a pro. few weeks ago I purchased a camera and I came to know some button function details from the manual

Mr. P C


Mr. Ranjith V S


Mr. P C

Thank you for reminding me to read the manual. I'll definitely read it.

Mr. Ranjith V S

Thank you!

Mr. Ranjith V S

Nicely written

Mr. Ranjith V S


Mr. Ajay Photographe


Mr. pulak ranjan mandal

I read mine after unboxing. Made a daily routine to read a few pages within the available time. Yes it helps a lot. For me it was entry into the FX after leaving the comfort zone of DX.i grew familiar with over a period of time. Because the expectations were too high i remained quite disappointed during the first months.So I kept going back again and again. Even today, I like to open it now and then and invariably. i would find one or two things i forgot or didnt get in the earlier reading. So, I will strongly suggest reading the book as much as one can.

Mr. Debashis Jana

good one

Mr. sorathiya Rajesh

great description for Nikon camera

Mr. Arjun Jadhav

very helpful to start Photography

Mr. Abhishek Kumar

It's as important as starting a new job role. People do tend to skip reading the user manual, but it is very important because it clears most of our doubt about the new product and definately sort out most of our problems associated with the device. It certainly helps us in taking proper care of the DSLR camera.

Mr. Debanjan Jana

helpful info and great tips


great tips

Mr. Ajay Mitra

Its useful. Trying to enrol in the basic workshop but none what so ever in Mumbai

Mr. manoj kaswan

good sport

Mr. manoj kaswan

yes that's real we never read any fact about our product because we are happy to see that product is so good


information is wealth...

Mr. Simon Binay Purty


Mr. Simon Binay Purty

great tips

Mr. Simon Binay Purty

good content

Mr. Simon Binay Purty

nice blog

Mr. Simon Binay Purty

helpful information

Mr. Nirmaan Thakkar

very informative. every minute detail is given about the camera. Good for beginners.

Mr. Raju Pampana

Easy to Refer and Understand as well.Manual provided with highly relevant sketches and their details makes it very helpful to a beginner.

Mr. Shiva Sadak

very useful

Mr. Sanjoy Chowdhury

Useful content. it's applicable for all stuffs. There are several issues which can be easily resolved just by getting the help from manual .

Mr. Abhinava Pandey

good content

Mr. Abhinava Pandey

obvious useful tips

Mr. Jas Bhuie

After charging the camera, it is most important to sit with the manual and the camera together. Most of what is written in the manual can be tried on the camera making the reading permanent. spending couple of days doing this is just superb and gives a head start!!

Mr. Arvind Kumar

Reading User manual is very useful for the new comers.

Mr. Arvind Kumar

Very useful blog

Mr. Ranit Bhowmick

very helpful

Mr. Rahul Kanrar

Very helpful, nice blog


Yes it's amazing


Yes. Very true!

Mr. Vishnu Das

Good.Always start with the manual direction.

Mr. Lokesha Kunchadka



helpful information...

Mr. Ravi Raj

quite cool.. interesting and useful

Mr. Manish Vig

useful article. thanks.

Mr. Manish Vig

Excellent User Manual supplied with Nikon d3400. Thanks.

Mr. Sanjay Kambaliya

very good

Mr. Sanjay Kambaliya

very good

Mr. Tanishq Bansal



best in class

Mr. Vivekananda Pradhan

a nice read

Mr. Vivekananda Pradhan

a nice read

Mr. Vivekananda Pradhan

a nice read

Mr. Vivekananda Pradhan

a nice read

Mr. Vivekananda Pradhan

a nice read

Mr. Wasim Akram Sk

Helpful for Begainners

Mr. MCL PrintMedia

Littel bit helpful

Mr. Simon Binay Purty

I did the same thing, it was kept in my box not a single page turned but after reading this blog i started reading the user manual and it really helped me... thanks Nikon.

Mr. Kaustav Bose

The manual that came is very useful and handy.


It's time to change photography style. D610 is make you professional.

Mr. Vignesh Rashinkar

must needed for beginners.

Mr. Sandeep Te

Very nice info

Ms. Pratistha Nath

nice it's very helpful .

The User Manual are very useful ,it make's us to Understand every Part's and Features of the Product from Start to End.

Mr. Anand J

According to me, the USER Manual is the best reference material available to understand the features of your camera! Every step from unpacking to first click is explained so well!

Mr. Mridumalay Das

awesome can undestand the a one step better

Mr. Shashank Joshi


Mr. Himanshu Thakur

The manual provided with the device is very important as it has all the details of the device. It is like a teacher who teaches how to run or use the buttons, dials and other functions of the device. The manual tells us what to do and what not do for better results and long life of our device. All the best for all Nikon users .

Mr. Huzaifa Asger ali


Mr. Ravi Raj

superb one

Mr. Pushpendra Yadav

Surprisingly great

Mr. Huzaifa Asger ali

yup right


It's better quality

Mr. Bharat Bhushan

it's very useful

Mr. Vinod Kumar

Its a User Manual... Every user should refer this...

Mr. Lokesha Kunchadka

Good reference .

Mr. Athish Sanjay Itagi


Mr. Athish Sanjay Itagi


Mr. Athish Sanjay Itagi

It's in kinda interesting

Mr. Anand Rathore

I think it's not a book to be read only once, but by using the index option one can get to the problem he/she facing by finding exact page to read again. Soft copy is another good option which we can keep with us and read it again and again.

Mr. Athish Sanjay Itagi


Mr. George Jonsoi

You are right about that.

Mr. Somnath Ghorai


Mr. Swapnil Mehrotra

awesome ??????

manual are the best teacher if someone has to learn basics

Mr. Deepak Kumar


Mr. Rakesh Chandran

on first sight many may feel manual boring but not everything not attracting is not boring. it's a must read one and is the true knowledge about your dslr. strongly recommended to go through manual thoroughly and believe me it's interesting and above all authentic

Mr. Julin Alex

Yea , totally agree

Mr. rahul nag

helpful and nice

Mr. ParthaSurajit Bhuyan

Great informations....

Mr. Kushal Bhowmick

Thanks. Very useful information.

Mr. Abhishek Golatkar


Mr. Danda Srinivasa Rao

Eagerly wating for D850

Mr. Ganesh Kale


Mr. Bhanu Pratap Chauhan

user manual is very useful!! I could use camera more efficiently now!!

Mrs. Kabita Pradhan


Mr. Aditya Maity


Mr. Shankar Ram


Mr. Kishan kumar biswal

I think I started reading manual 2-3 times,but couldn’t complete.

Mr. Abhishek Golatkar


Mr. Vivekananda Pradhan

User manual is as much important as the camera itself.

Mr. Danda Srinivasa Rao

what about D850 announcement ..? this year?

Mr. Jeevraj Bairwa

User manual is very helful for beginners.

Mr. Gour Saha

user manual is very helpful for beginner

Mr. Himanshu Gupta

rlly helpfull

Mr. Akshat Rathee

very helpful

Mr. Akshat Rathee

this is really go to know !!!!


nice work

Mr. imran khan


Mr. Saransh Bhardwaj

User manual is must needed for beginners. it was an easiest experience to learn an DSLR or Other Camera. It gives us A beginner to Professional.

Mr. Paritosh Jejurkar

starting using a DSLR a must visit is going through manual it helps to guide and does help using right procedure for taking accurate pictures

Mr. Pramod Acharya

Much needed for beginners

Mr. Kalyan Koley

Reading user manual is very helpful to learn about your camera.. when you are new

Mr. Gourav Saha

I have read the parts of the manual needed for me, apart from that I have watched many tutorial videos of professional photographers and now I am a complete manual photographer.

Mr. Keshav Mohan

yes I did. as I was the first one to buy a Nikon DSLR above the starter version (d5300/3200) it was helpful to learn about the new things. Besides it was one of those good books I read before my final exam .

Mr. Rayees Hassan

I have some problems in Nikon D3100

Very useful

Mr. charu rajput


Mr. Bhaskar Nath


Mr. Raghavendra CH

if are new to DSLR read the user manual its easy to understand how to use dslr



Mr. Nitin Jain

thanks for info...

Mr. Ajmal Hussain

Great tip. Will definitely check the manual first thing tomorrow!

Mr. Arvind Kumar

nice pic

Mr. Santanu Mahapatra

Reading manual is necessary. I keep Nikon manual application in both ios and android but still sometimes I keep the manual in my camera bag as if phone batteries die then hard copy is a must there.

Mr. Subhankar Das

A must read for users of Nikon

Mr. Juman Jyoti Kalita

Mr. Srinivasa Rao Sir you can avail the user manuals of any camera as pdf files published on various websites.

Mr. Ashutosh Raghuwanshi

In my case I read the manuals of all candidate cameras before I finalized the one for actually buying. I think user manuals are better than brochures because they not only show you the features but also the limitations.

Mr. Manoj Kumar

Hello I recently bought D5300 and of coursee i make it a point to read the manual before i get started with any purchase and yes i went through the manual twice which made me understand about the camera knows about if any new feature has been added and so......Thanks.

Mr. Parag Jadhav

Very useful information.

Mr. jatin sharma

very helpful.

Mr. Danda Srinivasa Rao

how can i get soft copy of user manual

Mr. Arvind Kumar


Mr. Arvind Kumar


Mr. Veer Chaudhary


Mr. Vinay Dutt Purohit

Never thought that will help me to achieve fine nd crisp images

Mr. Arvind Kumar

I have bought D5300 and Yes, I have started reading manual. it is very useful for beginners to understand about your camera

Mr. Prabu Ponnusamy

Can get good information about focus, point selection

Mr. Prabu Ponnusamy

I have bought D5200 last month and i have started reading the manual whenever getting time and it is very useful to know the function , limitations about my camera.

Mr. prashanth prabhakaran

Thanks; this definitely helps first time camera buyers like me. Manufacturer knows best about the device and its always good to have the manual handy.


The User's Manual may be read first followed by the Reference Manual, with at least as much patience and concentration as one would when studying for the IIT Entrances or IAS Exams. If you take my word, it's the first thing a beginner should do after holding his first DSLR and then all the tutorials, workshops, photowalks seem so easy. Take it from me, this is one investment that'll reap for you in the days to come. Try it,................ specially, every beginner,

Mr. Pratul Pal

It's very helpful...

Mr. Pratul Pal

So, friends... R u trying to read user manual?

Mr. jayanth krishna

first thing i do is read the manual of product this habit is adopted from my teacher i always thank him for his valuable suggestion

Mr. Pratul Pal

I'm trying..

Mr. Pratul Pal

Do you read the user manual throughly...

Mr. Parag Jadhav

It's very helpful.

Mr. Pratul Pal

Reading user manual is very helpful to learn about your camera.... and if you are new to the world of photography it is essential.....


NikonSchool n userGuide iz very helpful to click beautiful photos..keep clicking n Become wonderful through ur creature mind n Camera.

Mr. Althaf Hussain

I read once when I entered into DSLR photography. It was really helpful to know about my camera.

Mr. Sandeep Kumar

Read user manual if you are new to D-SLR. It is compulsory.

Mr. Sandeep Kumar

I read user manual. It is very helpful.