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Top 4 Highlights of the S-Line Lenses

By : Nikon School Blog   |  20 Mar, 2021  |  23

Nikon is constantly pushing the envelope in the realm of imaging technology with constant additions and innovations in the NIKKOR S-Line lenses. The S-Line lenses qualify a host of stringent quality and performance benchmarks, allowing photographers and videographers to experience segment-leading performance and impeccable results. Edge-to-edge sharpness, superior resolution, and enhanced practicality are just a few noteworthy aspects of the S-Line lenses. Read on as we share the top four highlights and features of Nikon’s S-Line lenses. 

Nano Crystal Coat

The S-Line lenses come with Nikon’s proprietary Nano Crystal Coat, which can also be found on the top-of-the-line NIKKOR F lenses. This special coating helps enhance the overall image quality and clarity by reducing ghost and flare effects commonly caused when light enters lenses diagonally. Nano coat empower photography to capture crisp moments even in most challenging backlit situation. 

Superior Movie Performance

S-Line lenses are designed to offer uncompromising movie performance; thanks to easy exposure control and reduced operational sounds, among other properties. When you adjust focus points on the S-Line lenses, you would not notice any significant focus breathing, which translates into a seamless shooting experience.

Easy to Operate Control Ring

Nikon’s range of S-Line lenses come with an intuitively designed control ring, which features functions such as focus control (M/A), power aperture , ISO control and exposure compensation, allowing you to shoot effortlessly while changing settings on the go. The control ring also comes with metallic finishing in some places, adding to the overall premium feel and appeal of the lenses. 

Latest Optical Technologies

The multi-focusing system of S-Line lenses helps produce images that are highly accurate and of superior image quality. S-Line lenses also come with an anti-reflection ARNEO coat, alongside the Nano Crystal Coat, working together to deliver superlative optical performance. They also offer high-speed AF control in all shooting conditions. The dust- and drip-resistant properties, when combined with their legendary performance, make the S-Line lenses truly cutting-edge.


Generally speaking, aberration control at close distances is considered to be difficult when using a fast lens, however, with S-Line lenses, high-resolution images can be captured throughout the entire shooting range from close distances to infinity at maximum aperture. Even for minute subjects like thin lines whose texture is hard to reproduce, they can be resolved exactly as they are, enabling faithful rendering without relying on digital compensation processes such as “Sharpening”.

Wrap Up 

Nikon’s range of S-Line lenses is a product of smart, meticulous design and engineering practices, giving you nothing but the best in terms of optical performance and reliability. Choose from a range of cutting-edge S-Line mirrorless lenses to fuel your creative pursuits. If you would like to learn more about Nikon lenses or camera lens basics, you are at the right place. Nikon School gives you access to a host of informative content and resources, all aimed at helping you improve your photography skills. To learn more about upcoming webinars, workshops, or Nikon’s range of the latest mirrorless cameras, fill out the contact form or write to us at  

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