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Photographing Winter in India

By : Nikon School Blog   |  27 Mar, 2020  |  120

Like all seasons, winter too, presents some unique opportunities for photography. With the chill in the air, the foggy morning and evening, changes in the way people dress, or the way trees look, winter has distinctive pictorial elements which are well worth capturing. Let’s look at a few attractions that winter in India has to offer to photographers.


Foggy mornings and nights give winter its quintessential look. Fog hides most elements with its white curtain. Whatever is visible, be it people, animals, vehicles or buildings, can be framed along with the fog to create surreal, minimalistic frames.


In a country like India, we usually have bright sunshine throughout the year. However, the winter sunshine is something else. Not only does it feel amazing on your body, after the foggy mornings, the winter sunshine makes everything shine with a new sheen. You can make the most of it by waiting for the last traces of the fog go away and capture buildings, skyline and nature lit by the winter sun.


Seasonal flowers look brilliant in winter and you can capture them on a sunny day or on a foggy morning, closing in on the dew drops on the petals.


On mornings and evenings, people usually gather around tea shops or light up a fire to warm themselves. The smoky ambience is often an attractive visual element, especially when it is coupled by warm street lights or rays of the fading sun.


Many places in northern India receive generous amounts of snowfall. If you are lucky to be present at such places, you must make the most of it by capturing people enjoying the snow, snow laden roof tops and city scapes, close up of snow flakes and so on.


Winter in India is a time for most festivities. Be it Christmas, or Lohri, or Bihu, or Nobanno, or Pongal, the entire country celebrates the end of the winter solstice. This is obviously a wonderful time for photography. Vibrant colours, foggy weather, people in their winter attire, and lots of exciting rituals


The winter sun is much milder than its summer version. Use it to your advantage for shooting beautiful portraits. The beautiful soft and golden light is perfectly suited for portraits.


Much of Indian wildlife tourism happens in Winter. Most parks open around October / November and close before monsoon. Wildlife photography enthusiasts make the most of winter to head to the famous and not so well-known forests of the country and try their luck in getting amazing wildlife photographs. Lots of migratory birds start arriving from the north. Shooting these birds in their natural habitat can be rewarding memories of winter in India.

So what are you waiting for? Make the most of winter while it’s still here, and get some amazing images to remember the last winter.

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Mr. Suryakumar Murugan

Amazing Work

Mr. Vivekananda Pradhan

Good snaps

Mr. Dilkhush Bhati

Winter is great for travel and tour in India

Mr. Amitava Paira

Lovely Blog

Mr. Amitava Paira

Winter is great for travel and tour.

Mr. Amitava Paira

Love winter, it's beautiful in various aspects. Followers, foggy morning, various type of birds, specially migratory birds came to the location near to my home

Mr. Amitava Paira

Love foggy morning to shoot. Its give mystery to my picture

Mr. Amitava Paira

Incredible India


Nice Blog !!

Mr. P C

Interesting! I can't wait for the. Indian winter now.


Mr. Debashis Jana

fine captures

Mr. Debashis Jana


Mr. Debashis Jana


Mr. Debashis Jana

good one

Mr. Debashis Jana

awesome clicks

Mr. Debashis Jana

fine one

Mr. Debashis Jana

nice one

Mr. Debashis Jana

good one

Mr. Debashis Jana

nice clicks

Mr. Debashis Jana

good stuff