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Nikon Speedlight line up-2019

By : Nikon School Blog   |  23 Oct, 2019  |  95

Nikon has always been a pioneer in imaging technology. When it comes to flashes, Nikon has a long history of innovating new technology that has upgraded the existing flash technology in the world.

Let’s take a look at the line-up of Nikon Speedlights in 2019 and analyse the technologies used in them.


The SB-5000 comes with the world’s first cooling system which makes it capable of firing up to 120 flashes in a single burst. This flagship speedlight of the current line-up has a guide number of 34.5, /113, (ISO 100, m/ft).  

Continuing compatibility with the legendary Nikon Creative Lighting System (CLS), the SB-5000 goes one step higher with its Advanced Wireless Lighting (AWL)  - the new, radio-controlled wireless system which does not require a direct line-of-sight for triggering other compatible flash units. With compatible cameras (please refer, up to 6 groups (A to F) of SB-5000 Speedlights can be controlled up to 98 feet away, even beyond walls and obstacles.

The SB-5000 can also be controlled from a computer using the optional Camera Control Pro 2 (Version 2.23 or later) software.


It’s a flash, and it’s a video light too! Powered by 2 AA sized batteries, this versatile and hybrid speedlight is sure to be a great addition to your kit.

With a Guide number of 24/78.7 (m/ft, ISO 100) and high-performance LED lights for movie recording and shooting close-up stills, you can carry it around for shooting both stills and videos. Compact, and weighing only 273g with batteries, this would take just a tiny space in your camera bag. The SB-500 offers best-in-class brightness for flashes that use 2 AA-batteries, and three output levels of LED light – low, mid, and high, to choose from.

It communicates with compatible cameras like the D750 and later models and automatically sets the most appropriate white balance.  Colour temperature of the speedlight is closer to natural sunlight by default.

With a compatible camera, the SB-500 can be operated in Commander modeas the master flash, to trigger and control secondary flashes; or, as a slave unit triggered by another master flash or commander.


This veteran Nikon speedlight has a simple interface supporting a variety of flash functions, including wireless creative lighting system. With a convenient guide number of 28/92 (ISO 100, m/ft.), 39/128 (ISO 200, m/ft.), it is suited to weddings, portraits, corporate events, and even outdoor photography. The SB-700 can be used both as a commander and slave unit, and also supports the SU-4 mode, where the flash can be optically triggered by any flash.

Wireless Remote Speedlight SB-R200

This is a compact and tiny wireless remote flash unit compatible with Nikon Advanced Wireless Lighting system. The SB-R200 has a guide number of 14/46 (ISO 200, m/ft.). It can be attached to the front of a lens using the Attachment Ring SX-1, held in hand, or by using the supplied Speedlight Stand AS-20. As an off camera flash, it has to be triggered by a commander flash, or the SU-800 speedlight commander unit.

Close-up Speedlight Commander Kit R1C1

This kit consists of two SB-R200 Remote units, an SU-800 Commander unit, and other accessories. This close up flash kit is a great tool for photographers looking for sophisticated lighting for their close up work, e.g. shooting products or insects. Infra-red wireless communication is used for all exposure and triggering communication. The remote units are attached to the lens using a supplied ring adapter, and more SB-R200 units can be attached.  

Now, that’s one impressive flash line-up, and this makes us eagerly look forward to future innovations Nikon will bring to its flash line-up!

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A very informative article on the Nikon speedlight. The general information on flashes on the internet is confusing and often misleading. Thanks.

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Close-up Speedlight Commander Kit R1C1 replacing ring flash

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Very Informative and Insightful blog on Speedlights.